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140826 4 Things Show - Who is Zico? (Zico on himself) Zico: What I gain is honor, money, love, and satisfaction. In return, what I lose is my time with my family, friends, relaxation, and myself, which I find I'm losing slowly day by day. I'm not sure if I'm slowly becoming Zico myself or living my life along with Zico. I have more moments of looking in the camera than I do at myself in the mirror. I often have an existential crisis on if the person on camera is really me or if the person off-camera is the real me.

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I am ready for misty mornings, warm coffee, leggings, and oversized sweaters. I am ready for Autumn’s chilling hug and breezy embrace. 

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Su!homies…pls!!! =_=;;


So the lyrics to her are basically “pretty girl you dont need to do a thing bc ur already beautiful” and “dont even bother with boys who r just fuckin wit u for ur looks boys r dicks” and instead of “that girl is mine” its literally “baby im yours” like if i wasnt sold on block b before yall……..

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